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5 Steps to Find a Top DUI Lawyer

Our attorneys do DUI cases. Do You require the services of a DUI Attorney? You have come to the right place. Our firm specializes in criminal matters with a special emphasis on Drunk Driving cases. We have an array of solutions to assist you with your upcoming driving under the influence of alcohol case. Do not hesitate, book a consultation with us at your convenience and acquire the assistance of an expert drinking and driving attorney.

How must I go about finding a Top Drunk Driving lawyer to handle my case?

Every body makes mistakes from time to time. If we pay attention to the media we will notice that they mention the statistics of how many people where arrested every weekend for driving under the influence.

The drinking and driving statistics indicate that on average 35 people are arrested for driving under the influence every single day in the Western Cape. Country wide in South Africa its 236 people that arrested daily for driving while intoxicated – otherwise known as DWI. The total number of people arrested for DUI offences in 2017/2018 period according to the SAPS is 12776.

Once arrested for driving under the influence, you will need a DUI lawyer. You do have several options, but the wiser decision will be to appoint a private DUI attorney on your own instructions.

An Experienced DUI Lawyer has many benefits. Amongst many of the benefits is in depth knowledge of the court procedures. Being in this business for many years has resulted in personal familiarity with the court officials and a personal relationship with court officials that can make available certain possibilities that would have been more difficult otherwise.

Furthermore we provide expert advice on what to do and what to say or not do and not say. DUI Lawyers have the ability to negotiate deals that would otherwise be very difficult for yourself to achieve with Expert in depth understanding of how the system functions.

Representing yourself is not advisable as the complexity of the criminal procedure Act will most likely be just too much for you to handle. Also as you will be considered similar to a fish that is out of water and easy prey for those who may have no other interest than to have you convicted and punished severely.

It is important that in choosing a DUI Attorney that you choose someone who has a vested interest in the outcome of your case. A DUI Lawyer appointed by yourself operates on reputation and has a vested interest in the outcome of your case. In Choosing a Top DUI lawyer, there are a couple of things you can consider.

Step1: Research a list of prospective Drinking and Driving Lawyers

Many people go and appoint a lawyer for their DUI case that was referred to them through family or a friend. Taking such a recommendation is known as word of mouth referral. The problem with acting on such a recommendation is that other than your family or friends word, there is no independent verification that this person knows what they are doing. No indication that they are indeed an expert on that part of the law. Researching the reviews and reading up on your lawyer of choice is a far better way to establish the credentials of the DUI lawyer you are aiming to appoint. Today the internet allows you to do just that. In the past the internet was not a resource that was available. Today it is, so use it.

Step 2: Make a list of prospective DUI Attorneys you want to appoint

Make a list of the prospective lawyers. Your list should include their name, do they specialize in DUI cases and contact details and how their pricing works.

Step 3: Establish if your lawyer is an expert in the field of DUI Cases

All lawyers were not created equal. There is an endless list of different kind of lawyers. Some are general practitioners who do any and all kind of cases, kind of a jack of all trades. They know something about everything.

Other lawyers specialize. You can for instance have attorneys who specialize in criminal matters. They are Criminal lawyers, they only take on Criminal Cases. In addition to that, some lawyers who specialize in the field of criminal law also have extra fields of specialties within that band of law. You have lawyers who handle criminal matters only but then further specialize in certain crimes like negligent driving and Drunk driving cases.

These lawyers who specialize spends the majority of their time doing those kind of matters. They are the “brain surgeons” of the law, in that they know more about that field of law than most other lawyers who do not specialize in that field.

You can see that you will receive a very different kind of service from a General Practitioner than you would from a specialist who deals mostly with DUI cases. Also the depth of knowledge and expertise the DUI Specialist will provide is incomparable with that of the general practitioner.

Step 4: Arrange a meeting to meet your Drunk Driving Attorney or give him a call

If you have the time to do a face to face meeting before hand you can arrange for such. In a similar fashion if time is a scarce commodity in your world, similar to that of most lawyers, a call to your prospective lawyer will suffice.

The main purpose of this meeting or call is to develop a feel for the lawyer you are about to appoint. You can see if you get the right vibe from this person and if you get along. How this lawyer makes you feel is of vital importance. You must be comfortable with this person, after all you are entrusting your life to this person in more than one way.

You will also during this meeting or call ask the questions you have prepared to ask your prospective DUI lawyer to enable you to do the required assessment.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of questions you can ask:

  1. How many years experience your lawyers has.

  2. How many years experience your lawyers has doing DUI Cases.

  3. How many DUI cases your lawyer conducted thus far.

  4. What the percentage Guilty vs Not Guilty findings have been in trial

  5. What solutions your lawyer offers so the case does not go to trial

  6. Enquire about the strategy employed by your lawyer in fighting his DUI trials.

  7. How familiar your lawyer is with the court at which your case is being trialed. Included in this is if he knows the relevant senior prosecutor and magistrates. Never underestimate the power of personal relationships.

  8. Does your lawyer work with forensic experts in his DUI Trials? What services does these experts provide and the related costs.

  9. What are the fees that are being charged? How does the billing work?

Feel free to ask all the questions you feel are relevant to better your understanding. The feel you develop from asking these questions is paramount in your decision-making. If you feel the lawyer does not know what he is doing or you detect some deception, then that may be a good time to move on to the next lawyer.

As a client you are entitled to ask questions. A sincere lawyer will gladly address all your concerns.

Step 5: The definite NO-NO’s for a DUI Lawyer

1. The Lawyer who only pleads guilty

In the event that you find yourself with of a lawyer that has very little else to discuss with you other than taking a plea of guilty, we want to humbly suggest getting a second opinion. DUI cases can be some of the most technical cases out there to defend. Many lawyers, who do not specialize, simply see no way out other than pleading guilty. This is due to a lack of knowledge and experience more than anything else.

Every case should be assessed on its own merits. If you are uncomfortable with the advice, then seek a second opinion. It may be the decision that changes your entire life. So do not hesitate to change lawyers if you need to.

2. Lawyers who don’t take time to listen to you

You are paying for the lawyers time. If he does not give it to you then you are not receiving value for your money. Your good money should be met with good time and expert knowledge and understanding of subject matter. Make sure you get the time and you hear the knowledge.

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