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Traffic Lawyers Cape Town

Traffic Lawyers Cape Town

Traffic Lawyers in Cape Town, South Africa

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Are you in need of legal help with a Traffic case? Are you being accused of Traffic Offence? Have you been arrested for Traffic Violation or Traffic Offense? Have you been charged with Traffic Violation?

Regardless of the seriousness of the transgression of traffic violation, We can assist you with your traffic matter. We can obtain bail for yourself, a family member or friend on their traffic violation case.

We assist with trials on charges relating to traffic violation and give expert legal advice on traffic violations.

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What is a Traffic Offense or traffic violation?

A traffic violation comes in many shapes and sizes. Generally a traffic violation is when you transgress a section of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996. Numerous regulations are issued and promulgated by the minister in terms of this legislation and violating any of these can result in a traffic violation. One of the most common of these transgressions is transgression of Section 59 of Act 93 of 1996 which is exceeding the prescribed speed limit for the zone in which you were traveling at the time. This is normally referred to as a speeding ticket or speed fine.

Other transgression vary and could be anything from driving a motor vehicle which is not road worthy, to a parking ticket to disobeying any of the various road signs, traffic lights or rules of the road. These transgressions mostly carry a stipulated fine to be paid as a so called admission of guilt fine unless you refer to go to court and state your case there.

There are some instances of speeding for instance where you will receive a notice that will state that no fine has been set and that you must appear in court. Typically one recieves a notice which states: "Admission of guilt not allowed - offender must go to court". A so called "serious offence notice". This occurs when one was driving in excess of 30 Km per hour or more than the prescribed limit of a given area. In such instances no fine can be paid at this stage and it is advisable to contact a Criminal lawyer to assist you to take things further before a notice is served on you. It is not advisable to wait for the notice to arrive.

In more serious cases you may be charged with inconsiderate driving. In very severe cases you may be charged with negligent driving or reckless driving of a motor vehicle. These instances also does not have any fixed fine that can be paid. These matters are all referred to court and it is strongly advised that you contact a Criminal Lawyer or Traffic Lawyer to assist you.

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