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Definition of Rape

For purposes of the definition of rape it is important to note that the definition of rape is different before and after the sexual offences and related matters act came into operation in December of 2007.

Before the sexual offences act came into operation the definition of rape would only have been fulfilled through penetration of the vagina by a penis. Penetration of the vagina through an object or anything else other than a penis would only have constituted indecent assault.

After the sexual offences act came into operation penetration into the vagina of literally anything which includes a penis or any other object without the permission of the female now constitutes rape in terms of the new broadened definition which is included in the act.

Please Note:Girls under the age of 12 years cannot legally consent to sexual intercourse, therefore it will always be rape, irrespective of circumstances

Statutory Rape

Girls between the ages of 12-15 years can be the victims of statutory rape


In simple terms it is the forceful penetration per anus between males

FCS Unit

Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit

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